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An Update

Hey guys, just some updates on things that are happening.

-Paypal is currently having our issues, sorry for no posts a lot, we are thinking about decreasing the # per week until we become less busy.

-AdvancedAnimals and AdvancedFishing’s factory layouts are coming.

-The whole layout of advancedindstustries is coming out.

-Currently plans for another new factory (Will be revealed soon)

-Saving up money to upgrade and paying for publicity is in progress.


Stay tuned, and tell your friends, because supporters are what keeps us going!

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Bottled Water: Solutions?

Hey everybody, and were here for another update. The problem about the water sector is one thing: Bottles. Plastic water bottle are really bad for the environment, and they have many harmful chemicals in them. We are only sixth graders, so we really can’t create a new chemical to make bottles out of that is good for the environment. And also, reusable bottles are a solution, but its not really something you can sell and get one at the corner store, because they are expensive. So, if you have any suggestions or ideas, contact us on our facebook page, twitter, or Thanks everybody, and soon pro will be installed!



Hey guys,

Currently, we have gotten a lot of views and if we keep on getting this much views, we will post the plans for AdvancedAnimals & AdvancedFishing.  For our thousandth views, we will post the plans for AdvancedIndustries.  Also we will upgrade to pro this weekend.  Also we are trying to set up a pay pal, so we have a lot of things going on at once, so keep up.



Pro WordPress!

Hey everybody, and we are here to tell you about our update to pro wordpress! We currently have enough money, and you should expect an update next week, so stay tuned! And expect more posts next week, this week was dedicated mostly to the paypal/credit card issue.


Hey everybody, we are currently thinking about upgrading to PRO WORDPRESS. We have a lot of thinking to do about paypal and more. Stay tuned for more info.




We have been thinking, and we came up with an idea to help stop over fishing.  We would make a fish farm and raise out own fishes and help raise the population of fish.

We have been fishing for years and recently, we have been catching more than we need.  We would catch thousands of fish and 1/10 we keep.  That means 9/10 of the fish we catch, are throw back into the ocean.  Also with over fishing, we have been destroying our beautiful coral reefs.  Would you want to look back 20 years and say, wow, what pretty reefs we had before we started to over fishing.  So my partener and I have made a new section to Advanced Industries.  We will make a big fish farm.  It will be all natural.  We will have different kinds of fish, and we will help them reproduce and hopefully, this will set an example for fishers.  That way we could see fish in our oceans and still eat fish.

Plans will be posted soon.

Already inour project we have accomplished a lot. We are currently trying to set up a donation spot for advanced industries, so people get into the support even more. We also have over 400 views on our blog, and more every day. We have viewers in every continent except for Africa, South America, and Antartica. We are trying to find more ways to advertise, and ways to spend our money wisely. The first money we are planning on spending is to upgrade our site to pro and attract more traffic, viewers and supporters. We are trying to set up events and making flyers to hand out. So far, we are doing pretty well, and in the next few months we are going to grow massively.

P.S: Sorry about no posts for a while, we were on a school overnight field trip, and we couldn’t do any posts for our blog. But you can expect more and we will inform when there won’t be many posts for a while.

Sorry, we are pretty new to this whole blogging industry. But you can expect us to do better as we move on.


-Advanced Industries

Layout for AdvancedFarms

Here’s a layout of how is is going to look like:

Here are two pictures of what advanced water would look like. A real life photo:



And Here is a notebook made layout: 



Thanks for looking, and come back for more updates weekdays!

Hey everyone,

It has come to our attention that air pollution is killing 1/4 of the world.  This caused by driving cars and factories.  Also using electricity.  So in AdvancedIndustries, we will have everyone walk or bike to work and not have a lot of electricity. Like not a lot of light bulbs and only on ac that is in the bed room.  Some ways you can help is by turning off everything when you leave the house and when you don’t use it.  Walk or bike to school or work if you can.  Also try not to buy products from big companies because they factory farm animals and crops.  Buy from locals or not big products.  Also try to support anyone who is trying to help the world become a better place.