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Hey guys,

Sorry for not posting for a while.  So during our little break, we have reached 1,000, so AdvanceIndustries whole factory plan will be posted soon. We still haven’t finish it.  Also a special treat for you guys, AdvancedLabs factory plan will be posted.  AdvancedLabs is where we test things and maybe make GMO seeds.  In AdvancedLabs, we will have animals pens for lab testing.  Also we might put in some greenhouses for testing seeds.  Also we will have some water tanks for fishes.  ALL OF THESE TEST ARE NOT HARMFUL FOR THE ANIMALS! In other news, we might have a change in AdvancedFarms.  We are thinking about not making GMO crops.  Its up to you guys.  Leave us a comment, post your answer on Facebook or tweet on twitter. You guys decide.

With a big company, there comes a huge amount of waste and electricity.   With all the waste, we will compress it into useful things, like roof tiles, pencils ect.  All of our electricity will come from the sun using solar power.  So don’t worry, AdvancedIndustries is still environmental friendly.  Also since all of our power comes from the sun, there will be no smoke or pollution coming from AdvancedIndustries.

In AdvancedIndustries, we will work with the land but, we will have to deforest a little.  But we will re-plant the trees.

Sorry for not posting for a while.




An Update

Hey guys, just some updates on things that are happening.

-Paypal is currently having our issues, sorry for no posts a lot, we are thinking about decreasing the # per week until we become less busy.

-AdvancedAnimals and AdvancedFishing’s factory layouts are coming.

-The whole layout of advancedindstustries is coming out.

-Currently plans for another new factory (Will be revealed soon)

-Saving up money to upgrade and paying for publicity is in progress.


Stay tuned, and tell your friends, because supporters are what keeps us going!

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We have been thinking, and we came up with an idea to help stop over fishing.  We would make a fish farm and raise out own fishes and help raise the population of fish.

We have been fishing for years and recently, we have been catching more than we need.  We would catch thousands of fish and 1/10 we keep.  That means 9/10 of the fish we catch, are throw back into the ocean.  Also with over fishing, we have been destroying our beautiful coral reefs.  Would you want to look back 20 years and say, wow, what pretty reefs we had before we started to over fishing.  So my partener and I have made a new section to Advanced Industries.  We will make a big fish farm.  It will be all natural.  We will have different kinds of fish, and we will help them reproduce and hopefully, this will set an example for fishers.  That way we could see fish in our oceans and still eat fish.

Plans will be posted soon.

Air Pollution

Hey everyone,

It has come to our attention that air pollution is killing 1/4 of the world.  This caused by driving cars and factories.  Also using electricity.  So in AdvancedIndustries, we will have everyone walk or bike to work and not have a lot of electricity. Like not a lot of light bulbs and only on ac that is in the bed room.  Some ways you can help is by turning off everything when you leave the house and when you don’t use it.  Walk or bike to school or work if you can.  Also try not to buy products from big companies because they factory farm animals and crops.  Buy from locals or not big products.  Also try to support anyone who is trying to help the world become a better place.

Hey guys,

sorry we haven’t been posting that much lately, buch of school work.  So animals is a big problem.  People haven’t been treating them as they used to.  Since we can grow so much corn, we have been feeding them so much corn.  In advanced industries, we will have another section call AdvancedAnimals.  We are still trying to find out how we should do the lay out of the animal farm.  If you have any suggestions, send us an email at  Also we will try to update everyday.  Keep up with us with twitter and facebook.



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An Update

Hey everybody, just an update about advanced industries. We will try to post our boards of the factory plan for advanced industries. We are trying to do a new way of electricity for advanced industries. The problem with the world is global warming.

Global warming is when the earths atmosphere is letting in suns rays and not letting them out. We have a layer of greenhouse gases, which are good, so some of the suns rays can be trapped inside the earth, to make it warm. But too many of the suns rays are being trapped. We are cutting down too many trees and letting out too much carbon dioxide than oxygen. Every person is producing tons of trash and letting out tons of greenhouse gases.

We have taken action by making a brand new idea for an industry that is one of the most eco-friendly industries ever. Water is produced cleaner than ever and will be used on crops for the best crops, and none of the water will go to waste. Also, there will be a lot of crops produced with less land, by using vertical farming and more. We can’t exactly make this plan now, but it was taking action. You can help by doing small things, like

Turning off the lights

Turning the AC off

Using a car only when you need to

Not wasting water, trying to use water well, not doing non-full loads of washing or dishwashing

Taking a shower, and turning off the water while soaping and shampooing

Using reusable bags.


Also, sorry about the updates not every day. We have school and more things to do, but we will try to do more, based on the booms of our viewers! Thanks for looking, and advertise to your friends about us for support!