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Already inour project we have accomplished a lot. We are currently trying to set up a donation spot for advanced industries, so people get into the support even more. We also have over 400 views on our blog, and more every day. We have viewers in every continent except for Africa, South America, and Antartica. We are trying to find more ways to advertise, and ways to spend our money wisely. The first money we are planning on spending is to upgrade our site to pro and attract more traffic, viewers and supporters. We are trying to set up events and making flyers to hand out. So far, we are doing pretty well, and in the next few months we are going to grow massively.

P.S: Sorry about no posts for a while, we were on a school overnight field trip, and we couldn’t do any posts for our blog. But you can expect more and we will inform when there won’t be many posts for a while.

Sorry, we are pretty new to this whole blogging industry. But you can expect us to do better as we move on.


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Hey guys,

sorry we haven’t been posting that much lately, buch of school work.  So animals is a big problem.  People haven’t been treating them as they used to.  Since we can grow so much corn, we have been feeding them so much corn.  In advanced industries, we will have another section call AdvancedAnimals.  We are still trying to find out how we should do the lay out of the animal farm.  If you have any suggestions, send us an email at  Also we will try to update everyday.  Keep up with us with twitter and facebook.



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