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Water pollution is water in lakes, rivers, underground, and oceans not being clean. Everyone needs water to survive, and a lot of our water is being polluted. Many people depend on freshwater rivers and lakes that are being polluted. And many people are getting ill and catching bad diseases that can cause death. A lot of pollution comes from sewers being dumped. And also, bottled water is another bad contribution to the world. A lot of the bottled water people are drinking is actually just filtered tap water. The bottles are not being recycled as well. Bottled water is a big contributor to global warming, and we would suggest to stop drinking it. But for AdvancedWater, we still don’t know how to bottle the clean water we would use. We would need a material that is harmless to the environment, but still disposable. So, if you have any suggestions on this “solution” to bottled water, shoot us an email or contact us.




Organic Farming

We’ve been doing some research on Organic Farming…. 

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Everyone, we’re sorry, but it’s just impossible for us to do a daily update. We’ll have to do it at least every other day, at most every 3 days. So don’t expect an update every single day. But we’ll try our best not to take any too long breaks and make sure to inform you if we do. Thanks.

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Right now we are having a lot of work to do and haven’t been getting to updating.  In the next post, we will decide a new post date.  But we have two big projects that we have been working on.  On will be reviled on our 1,000 view, and the other one is a website!  Currently we are making a website using wix (link will be at the bottom).  So just be patient and wait for the AdvancedIndustries own website!

Wix website


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Earth Week!

Hello guys, and as you may know, the week after next is Earth Week! We are setting up a booth at our schools earth fair to put something up for our project. We plan to put up the advanced water poster up, along with a small description of what we are and our purpose. We plan to grow bigger, and we are planning on doing some kind of fundraiser within the next few months. Pay-Pal is still in progress, but we can’t do it because we are 6 graders, so our parents need to help out. Stay tuned, and here is the name of our new sector, with a description to come out soon!





Sorry for the long wait of posts guys, we are back from a small break. But expect more posts to be coming all this week!

Advanced_ _ _ _?

Hey guys, we’ve been a “bit” busy creating the factory advancedindustries for the 1,000th view. It will be spectacular. But we think it would be fitting to add on one more thing. One more wing. Can you guess what it is?! Th new wing will be revealed on Friday! Take a guess!

Water Bottles

As you all know, the climate is changing. Some of the cause of this has been plastic water bottles. That’s the problem. If we want to distribute water, how can we do it without using plastic bottles that harm the environment? Plastic bottles are a bad cause. There are more than 46 times more plastic than plankton in the ocean. There is a HUGE garbage patch in the pacific, and it isn’t getting any better. And almost all of that garbage is plastic water bottles. So, please email us or send us responses and new ways at our email, twitter, facebook, or comment on this post!

Bottled Water: Solutions?

Hey everybody, and were here for another update. The problem about the water sector is one thing: Bottles. Plastic water bottle are really bad for the environment, and they have many harmful chemicals in them. We are only sixth graders, so we really can’t create a new chemical to make bottles out of that is good for the environment. And also, reusable bottles are a solution, but its not really something you can sell and get one at the corner store, because they are expensive. So, if you have any suggestions or ideas, contact us on our facebook page, twitter, or Thanks everybody, and soon pro will be installed!



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Currently, we have gotten a lot of views and if we keep on getting this much views, we will post the plans for AdvancedAnimals & AdvancedFishing.  For our thousandth views, we will post the plans for AdvancedIndustries.  Also we will upgrade to pro this weekend.  Also we are trying to set up a pay pal, so we have a lot of things going on at once, so keep up.