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GMO, is when you put a gene of another organisms into another organism.  Like putting a gene of a peanut, into a strawberry, so the “strawberry” could stay in cold places and preserve longer.  Since 1.9% of americans are allergic to peanuts, they don’t know what is coming.  So AdvancedFarms, are going to make their own seeds!  It will be all natural, it will also be clean and hygienic.


-Advanced Industries


Already inour project we have accomplished a lot. We are currently trying to set up a donation spot for advanced industries, so people get into the support even more. We also have over 400 views on our blog, and more every day. We have viewers in every continent except for Africa, South America, and Antartica. We are trying to find more ways to advertise, and ways to spend our money wisely. The first money we are planning on spending is to upgrade our site to pro and attract more traffic, viewers and supporters. We are trying to set up events and making flyers to hand out. So far, we are doing pretty well, and in the next few months we are going to grow massively.

P.S: Sorry about no posts for a while, we were on a school overnight field trip, and we couldn’t do any posts for our blog. But you can expect more and we will inform when there won’t be many posts for a while.

Sorry, we are pretty new to this whole blogging industry. But you can expect us to do better as we move on.


-Advanced Industries

Layout for AdvancedFarms

Here’s a layout of how is is going to look like:

Advanced Farms

So, we have a plan to help the environment.  Here it is:

Sector 2

Section One:

-Building and Grounds: Cleans the building, fixes anything.

-Farmers: Grows crops. Special trained farmers will work with the GMF.  Also testers for new GMO seeds.

-Truck Driver:  They send the crops to the stores.

Section Two:

-Building and Grounds: Cleans the building, fixes anything.

-Water: Gets the water from sector one.

-School teachers: teaches the farmers.

-Special teachers: Teaches the special farmers.

-Drivers: They go out into the fields and harvest the crops.

Section Three:

-Real estate agents: Brings people to our homes.



~Sector 3 apartments

We will post our plan soon.