Hey guys,

Sorry for not posting for a while.  So during our little break, we have reached 1,000, so AdvanceIndustries whole factory plan will be posted soon. We still haven’t finish it.  Also a special treat for you guys, AdvancedLabs factory plan will be posted.  AdvancedLabs is where we test things and maybe make GMO seeds.  In AdvancedLabs, we will have animals pens for lab testing.  Also we might put in some greenhouses for testing seeds.  Also we will have some water tanks for fishes.  ALL OF THESE TEST ARE NOT HARMFUL FOR THE ANIMALS! In other news, we might have a change in AdvancedFarms.  We are thinking about not making GMO crops.  Its up to you guys.  Leave us a comment, post your answer on Facebook or tweet on twitter. You guys decide.

With a big company, there comes a huge amount of waste and electricity.   With all the waste, we will compress it into useful things, like roof tiles, pencils ect.  All of our electricity will come from the sun using solar power.  So don’t worry, AdvancedIndustries is still environmental friendly.  Also since all of our power comes from the sun, there will be no smoke or pollution coming from AdvancedIndustries.

In AdvancedIndustries, we will work with the land but, we will have to deforest a little.  But we will re-plant the trees.

Sorry for not posting for a while.