Water pollution is water in lakes, rivers, underground, and oceans not being clean. Everyone needs water to survive, and a lot of our water is being polluted. Many people depend on freshwater rivers and lakes that are being polluted. And many people are getting ill and catching bad diseases that can cause death. A lot of pollution comes from sewers being dumped. And also, bottled water is another bad contribution to the world. A lot of the bottled water people are drinking is actually just filtered tap water. The bottles are not being recycled as well. Bottled water is a big contributor to global warming, and we would suggest to stop drinking it. But for AdvancedWater, we still don’t know how to bottle the clean water we would use. We would need a material that is harmless to the environment, but still disposable. So, if you have any suggestions on this “solution” to bottled water, shoot us an email or contact us.