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Advanced_ _ _ _?

Hey guys, we’ve been a “bit” busy creating the factory advancedindustries for the 1,000th view. It will be spectacular. But we think it would be fitting to add on one more thing. One more wing. Can you guess what it is?! Th new wing will be revealed on Friday! Take a guess!


GMO, is when you put a gene of another organisms into another organism.  Like putting a gene of a peanut, into a strawberry, so the “strawberry” could stay in cold places and preserve longer.  Since 1.9% of americans are allergic to peanuts, they don’t know what is coming.  So AdvancedFarms, are going to make their own seeds!  It will be all natural, it will also be clean and hygienic.


-Advanced Industries

Water Bottles

As you all know, the climate is changing. Some of the cause of this has been plastic water bottles. That’s the problem. If we want to distribute water, how can we do it without using plastic bottles that harm the environment? Plastic bottles are a bad cause. There are more than 46 times more plastic than plankton in the ocean. There is a HUGE garbage patch in the pacific, and it isn’t getting any better. And almost all of that garbage is plastic water bottles. So, please email us or send us responses and new ways at our email, twitter, facebook, or comment on this post!

An Update

Hey guys, just some updates on things that are happening.

-Paypal is currently having our issues, sorry for no posts a lot, we are thinking about decreasing the # per week until we become less busy.

-AdvancedAnimals and AdvancedFishing’s factory layouts are coming.

-The whole layout of advancedindstustries is coming out.

-Currently plans for another new factory (Will be revealed soon)

-Saving up money to upgrade and paying for publicity is in progress.


Stay tuned, and tell your friends, because supporters are what keeps us going!

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