We have been thinking, and we came up with an idea to help stop over fishing.  We would make a fish farm and raise out own fishes and help raise the population of fish.

We have been fishing for years and recently, we have been catching more than we need.  We would catch thousands of fish and 1/10 we keep.  That means 9/10 of the fish we catch, are throw back into the ocean.  Also with over fishing, we have been destroying our beautiful coral reefs.  Would you want to look back 20 years and say, wow, what pretty reefs we had before we started to over fishing.  So my partener and I have made a new section to Advanced Industries.  We will make a big fish farm.  It will be all natural.  We will have different kinds of fish, and we will help them reproduce and hopefully, this will set an example for fishers.  That way we could see fish in our oceans and still eat fish.

Plans will be posted soon.