Factory farming is a very bad thing. Here I will explain why.

Factory farming is when you raise animals in a huge factory, with barely any space for the animals to move,  or be free. These animals will have  no exercise, and are fed things nothing like they eat in the wild. These animals are being treated very badly. Some animals are fed things that will make them bigger, fatter, and juicier, which is “good” for humans, but not good for animals or anybody else.The reason people factory farm is for huge numbers of animals, low cost, and lots of money. The 28 hour law, enacted in 1873 and amended in 1994 states that when animals are being transported for slaughter, the vehicle must stop every 28 hours and the animals must be let out for exercise, food, and water. (From wikipedia, the free encyclopedia)

A solution:

AdvancedAnimals has made a new way to raise animals, with very high standards.

All animals will be treated well, with very good care.

No unwanted chemicals inside the animals

With food problems and decreasing animal population, only a few animals will be taken from the population, leaving the rest to reproduce and grow.

Animals will have a simulated environment, basically just like the real wild for animals. There is no roof, no dome, no anything to make the animals feel uncomfortable. They will always feel at home, and animal experts will always tend for them.



Observer: Looks out over the animal field, for weird sights such as animals fighting, breeding, or anything like that.

Professional Animal Tender: Looks after all the animals, specially trained to keep the animals safe.

Feeders: Feeding the animals by dropping food that the certain animals eat on the ground, not enhanced or  “steroidized”.

More jobs to come soon and we are making a factory plan! Keep tuned in for updates!

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