As most people know, or some are not aware of, we have some environmental problems in our world today. We need to find a way to farm very efficiently, with clean and a lot of water, and many clean crops. That is why we came up with the idea of advanced industries. We will try to post updates every day on things about the environment, things that are happening in this world, and farming. We have created a layout for a dream factory. The factory has 4 sectors, a farming sector, water, living, and vehicles section. We transport and get water and crops to stores as fast as possible. Even though this idea is very far away, you can still help by doing basically nothing at all. You can donate (Donations are being set up), follow us on facebook, twitter, or subscribe to the blog. You can tell your friends and do everything you can to help the environment. The worlds problems are increasing every day. We are trying to help decrease this list.