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An Update

Hey everybody, just an update about advanced industries. We will try to post our boards of the factory plan for advanced industries. We are trying to do a new way of electricity for advanced industries. The problem with the world is global warming.

Global warming is when the earths atmosphere is letting in suns rays and not letting them out. We have a layer of greenhouse gases, which are good, so some of the suns rays can be trapped inside the earth, to make it warm. But too many of the suns rays are being trapped. We are cutting down too many trees and letting out too much carbon dioxide than oxygen. Every person is producing tons of trash and letting out tons of greenhouse gases.

We have taken action by making a brand new idea for an industry that is one of the most eco-friendly industries ever. Water is produced cleaner than ever and will be used on crops for the best crops, and none of the water will go to waste. Also, there will be a lot of crops produced with less land, by using vertical farming and more. We can’t exactly make this plan now, but it was taking action. You can help by doing small things, like

Turning off the lights

Turning the AC off

Using a car only when you need to

Not wasting water, trying to use water well, not doing non-full loads of washing or dishwashing

Taking a shower, and turning off the water while soaping and shampooing

Using reusable bags.


Also, sorry about the updates not every day. We have school and more things to do, but we will try to do more, based on the booms of our viewers! Thanks for looking, and advertise to your friends about us for support!



Hello everybody! Advanced industries has just come up with its new sector in the industry. We have heard about many of the problems with animals and how they are giving diseases, and how fish numbers are decreasing. Well, advanced animals gives a new solution to that. We let the animals live in a simulated natural environment, feeding nutrients and the worlds cleanest water. The animals will interact with eachother, and be free, able to do anything. And when we need food, we take a little fraction of the animals, and leave some so more can reproduce and solve the worlds decreasing animal population. We are planning on a blueprint for the factory, and we will post the plans up soon. Also, we presented our project to our sixth grade class, and it went very well. We hope that people will support us even more. Stay posted for more updates on AdvancedIndustries!

Our Problems And Goals

As most people know, or some are not aware of, we have some environmental problems in our world today. We need to find a way to farm very efficiently, with clean and a lot of water, and many clean crops. That is why we came up with the idea of advanced industries. We will try to post updates every day on things about the environment, things that are happening in this world, and farming. We have created a layout for a dream factory. The factory has 4 sectors, a farming sector, water, living, and vehicles section. We transport and get water and crops to stores as fast as possible. Even though this idea is very far away, you can still help by doing basically nothing at all. You can donate (Donations are being set up), follow us on facebook, twitter, or subscribe to the blog. You can tell your friends and do everything you can to help the environment. The worlds problems are increasing every day. We are trying to help decrease this list.


Advanced Farms

So, we have a plan to help the environment.  Here it is:

Sector 2

Section One:

-Building and Grounds: Cleans the building, fixes anything.

-Farmers: Grows crops. Special trained farmers will work with the GMF.  Also testers for new GMO seeds.

-Truck Driver:  They send the crops to the stores.

Section Two:

-Building and Grounds: Cleans the building, fixes anything.

-Water: Gets the water from sector one.

-School teachers: teaches the farmers.

-Special teachers: Teaches the special farmers.

-Drivers: They go out into the fields and harvest the crops.

Section Three:

-Real estate agents: Brings people to our homes.



~Sector 3 apartments

We will post our plan soon.

-Water factory, built on the shore of a beach. Has underwater “aquarium” and has an observatory on top of the factory. Has underground parts, for groundwater and transportation. Has a skywalk for walks for a birds eye view of the factory and lake. Lake nearby that can easily be transported to with an  underground subway.

-Different labs

-Filtering room.

-Decontamination room

-Farming greenhouse for testing

-Drawing of job figures

-Jobs: Farmer, decontaminator/filterer,  Still worker, Under water observer, Air observer, water enhancer, underground worker, sailor, builder, security worker, airmonitor

Farmer: Uses man-made water and tests on plants to see what the result is, good plant or bad, fast growing or slow growing. Has a control group with natural water and another group for enhanced water made in the factory.

Decontaminator/Filterer: Decontaminates water, takes out bad chemicals.

PROCESS of decontamination: First, the water goes through a filter. Second, the decontaminator looks at the water and picks out the chemicals the filter might have missed, for the best water with no chance of disease.

Still worker: Works at the stills, and transports the water made from stills to the filtering room.

Underwater observer: Observes the under water area for any signs of bad water or weird signs.

Air observer: Looks out at the sea, or the nearby freshwater lake for any mysterious signs.

Water enhancer: Tries chemicals on the water made in the factory, to make crops grow better, enhance human health, and more.

NOTE: Enhanced water has to go through many tests to see if it is able to be consumed by man.

Underground worker: Works underground, gets groundwater, subway help, transporting water and supplies.

Sailor: Sails the seas looking for spots that are dangerous, have very good quality water.

Builder: Helps build new parts of the factory, harvests crops along with the farmers, repairs vehicles and boats.

Security: Monitors the area, monitors who goes in the facility and who goes out.

AirMonitor: Monitors the air for harsh chemicals and other things that can pollute the water like smoke, and bacteria. Has office inside the skywalk.

Grounds people: Keep the area clean, includes gardeners.2

NOTE: All jobs are paid very well, and you must be at least 20 to work in the factory. Workers are treated with respect, and any workers doing wrong will be banished from the facility.

Factory Blueprint: Will be made on paper with drawings of the main building, farm, and the rooms inside along with underground and the skywalk.